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  • Commercial Video Production

  • YouTube Advertising ​

  • Social Media Clips & Photos

  • Documentary Short Films

  • Print Advertising

HH Catamarans is a leading yacht manufacturer producing some of the highest quality sailing catamarans on the market. They specialize in producing luxury, performance, and carbon fiber yachts of all sizes for sailors who intend to live aboard, race, and travel the globe.


HH Catamarans asked us to provide a commercial highlighting one of their most popular boats on the market, the HH50. Designed by Morrelli & Melvin and marketed to couples who wish to explore every corner of the world in comfort, style, and without time or speed limiting their adventures.

Documentary short films

We came up with a short documentary series highlighting each of the owners of HH Catamaran boats. The title of the series is known as "Passionately Protesting Mediocrity". The goal of this project is to give an inside look at the lifestyle of each of their clients pursuing their dreams of exploration in the vast wilderness of the ocean.

Social Media Clips

HH has a thriving community of sailors all around the world. They utilize their social media accounts to stay up to date and top of mind in a booming and competative market.

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One of the many forms of advertising used by HH is print advertising in sailing magazines that are distributed all around the world. HH asked us if we could provide a photo that would be used as the back cover of Sail Magazine. The ad was used to announce the HH50 as the winner of the Boat of The Year Award for Best Luxury Cruiser given out by Cruising World. The ad featured one of our finest drone shots of their HH50 sailing in Long Beach, California.


HH aims to gain more traction in advertising through the implementation of targeted YouTube Ads. 

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