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  • Video Production ​

  • Photography

  • Social Media Management

  • Logo Design

  • Merchandise Design

  • E-commerce & Web Design

  • Brand Identity

  • Press Releases

  • Sponsorship Acquisition

  • Documentary Short Films

  • Google, Instagram, and Facebook Ads

The captain of the Avalanche Ocean Racing Team approached us about taking the team to an entirely new level. They allowed us the creative freedom to promote, market, and distribute the story of the Avalanche Ocean Racing Team as they sailed and raced all around the world. We happily took on the project and handled everything involved with the teams public image. Through our marketing efforts we garnished attention from major sponsors, professional racers, and fans from all around the world. When we first began working with the team, they didn't even have a proper name or logo. We took an unknown racing team and sent them to the moon with the promotional package we offered them. Even to date everything that has been produced about this team has been produced by the Huck Film team. We started on this project from the day it began and grew their following from 0 to over 20,000 fans.



We took on the task of creating, managing, and growing all the social channels of the team including but not limited to, their YouTube channel, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Instagram, Pinterest, and Blog. Through the mass decimation of 100% original content all produced by Huck Film, we grew a following form zero to over 20,000 fans all around the world.

Documentary short films

When we first heard about this project we were most excited to give an inside look at how a boat of this magnitude goes from dream to fruition. So far we have documented everything from the boat delivery and the captain leaving his home town in Colorado all the way up until the teams very first race.

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Huck Film provided the Avalanche Adventures fan base a consistent stream of content along the journeys of the crew. We even had our creative director travel with the team for over 6 months while they sailed from Los Angeles, California to the tip of the Baja Peninsula just under 1000 nautical miles traveled. Mathew served as an on board reporter his entire journey and even captured the attention of major sponsorships for the race team totaling over a quarter million dollars.


e-commerce, & Logo DesIgn

The team not only wanted their own unique uniforms to wear while racing the regattas, but they wanted to sell shirts to all their fans. Naturally, Huck Film hooked them up with a fully automated e-commerce section on their website to sell all types of merchandise.

Avalanche with waves and mountain 14.png

Episode Teasers

In order to promote each episode, teasers optimized for all social media platforms were made in both vertical and horizontal orientations to match the platforms they were made for.


One of the goals for heavily promoting this project was to gain media attention that would lead to large sponsorships for the team to help cover the costs of the boat, the sails, crew members, and racing fees. That goal was exceeded through three large sponsorship deals totaling over a quarter of a million dollars.

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